Influencer Marketing – The Jake Paul Effect: Why Behavior Matters

The Jake Paul Effect

Influencer Marketing – The Jake Paul Effect: Why Behavior Matters

Jake Paul is one of the highest-paid American social media personalities. He has over 20 million  YouTube subscribers and a successful track record of drawing attention to himself and his brand through controversial schemes. His latest endeavor is to enter the professional boxing world. 

Infamy is not a good business strategy.

A majority of Paul’s following derived from his ridiculous antics. Earlier this year, he challenged Conner McGregor. He not only called out the decorated UFC fighter, but he also made many inappropriate comments about his wife. However, most people would look at his number of followers regardless of his behavior and think that he has made a successful brand for himself. While it is true that his controversial attempts have drawn attention to himself, it may work for him, but this is a horrible business model. 

The Jake Paul Effect: Not All Brand Awareness Is Positive.

When it comes to generating new leads and growing your business, reputation matters. Businesses wanting to increase their reach through influencer marketing need to understand the “Jake Paul Effect” (coined off of the rising YouTube celebrity boxer) and how it will impact your brand image and reputation through association. If an influencer has a history of negative PR and generating negative buzz around their brand, no matter how many followers or influence they have, this is not a good strategy for your business reputation. The old saying “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” has been attributed to the 18th-century showman and circus owner, Phineas T. Barnum. I don’t believe Mr. Barnum has met today’s social media “Karen.”

Reputation matters. 

How a business interacts with clients and partners is critical. Good relations lead to more opportunities. A professional and friendly company will get more recommendations over a business that doesn’t care about its PR. The better reputation you have, the more pre-qualified leads you will attract. 

What does this mean for you? 

Your company may not be trying to increase your followers through controversial tactics, but how is your company’s online reputation? Your behavior and reputation matter when you want to grow your business. What people say and think about you will impact anyone who interacts with you. Here are three things you can do today to improve your reputation:

1. Provide The Best Service To All Clients

Many times, people will only bring out the best service for the highest paying clients. You never know which client or partner can generate more leads for you through word of mouth. They say that each person you come in contact with can net you 200 referrals. Treat every potential business opportunity with this in mind.

2. Burning bridges is never a good idea. 

Oftentimes, how a client leaves your services is just as important as onboarding a new client. Generating organic leads most often will come from current or previous client referrals. Utilizing the relationships you develop within your business creates partnerships, and this is an excellent opportunity to build a referral network with other companies that share your exact target audience. 

3. Be Aware Of Your Ambassadors 

Ambassadors are extensions of your company. If you want to partner with a social media influencer who can promote your service/product, make sure you know their history and behavior. What your ambassadors do and say is an extension of you and your brand. The wrong thing can turn away potential leads. 

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