What Does Your Brand Know About Gen Z?

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What Does Your Brand Know About Gen Z?

If you want to appeal to younger audiences, you have to know who that audience is. Gen Z is currently the second to the youngest generation, ranging from preteens in middle school to adults that have recently finished college.

Gen Z is the prime audience that you want to cater to if you want your brand to be seen as fresh and new. Let’s learn more about what Gen Z is.

How Old is Gen Z?

The dates of when Gen Z starts and ends are widely debated, but a general consensus is that Gen Z includes the early 2000s (some think that it starts in 1997) and goes until 2012. The oldest Gen Zers are in their early to mid-20s while the youngest is barely in middle school.

This means that Gen Z is the generation deciding what is cool and important in the world. They decide what values brands should be upholding and what things brands should be selling. There is so much variety in the likes and dislikes in this generation as Gen Z is the generation who has grown up in front of the screen consuming all the information about the world their hands could get on.

What Does Gen Z Value?

When you want your brand to be well received by the younger generations, you need to know what they value. If you don’t follow the things that this generation values, you won’t get business.

Gen Z puts a lot of value on social issues. They want brands to take a stand about what they believe in and show that they care about the world. We have seen a huge portion of Gen Z go out and fight for what they believe in, going to protests to protect human rights or sharing resources on social media platforms.

Gen Z is for putting the environment first. If their funds allow for it, you will see Gen Z going out and supporting sustainable practices and shopping from local businesses. We have seen a movement from this with the “VSCO girl” aesthetic that was popular a few years ago. This aesthetic held sustainable practices close to the heart whether it was using fewer plastic straws or refusing to use plastic water bottles in save for reusable hydro flasks.

Gen Z values personalization. In the age of social media, ads have taken over all the internet space that they’ve been allowed. This means that Gen Z gets a lot of their business information through digital advertisements that show up while scrolling through media. They are used to having brands personalize their brands for the Gen Z space. In this age, it is better to go to your customers with your advertisements than to wait for them to come to you.

Trust is Huge

With the values that Gen Z has, the way to appeal to them and get their business is by earning it. Gen Z wants to trust the brands that they buy from, so make sure that your brand is trustworthy.