Top 3 Social Media Platforms Your Business Needs to Be Active On

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Top 3 Social Media Platforms Your Business Needs to Be Active On

In this modern age, you just cannot run a successful business unless you have an active presence on the internet, specifically on social media.

Everyone uses social media. Everyone is involved in the complex web of multiple sites to make friends, continue relationships, share their lives with the world, and, yes, shop and do business. Nearly all businesses across the world have social media accounts.

The problem is that there are now so many different social media apps and sites to keep up with. It used to be Facebook and only Facebook. Now there are dozens of sites with millions if not billions of users.

But which of these social media sites are the most important when you are running your business? Which are the ones that you need to be plugged into and active on when you are trying to get your business off the ground and really thriving?



This will come as no surprise but your company needs to have a strong presence on Facebook if it wants to do well and make customers and thrive on the web.

Facebook is the biggest and most important social media site on the web. It is not just a social media site, it is a juggernaut of commerce and relationships all over the globe. If your company doesn’t have a strong Facebook page then you are really wasting your time and practically throwing away money.

Some people search for things on Facebook before they even use Google, it has become that popular. Facebook should be your first stop when you are starting a social media presence for your company.

If you take away one lesson, it should be this: Facebook is essential for any and all businesses.



The beauty of Instagram is that it’s a great way to pitch very attractive products and services to potential customers.

Instagram is, of course, a social media site that revolves around pictures and video. Therefore you should bring your A game to your production quality when you are snapping pictures and sharing videos with people online.

Think of Instagram as a business card for your company. It’s a way to quite literally show what you sell and what you offer. You need to put time and energy and effort into making sure that the quality of what you put on Instagram is top-notch so that you make the best impression on people in the shortest amount of time.


Tik Tok

Here’s probably the social media site that is most fun. Tik Tok is all about short form videos, memes, inside jokes, and current events. It is also incredibly popular.

Tik Tok is also a lot of fun and that is why millions of (mostly young) people use the app everyday. A business will be able to tap into this user base if they use Tik Tok smartly and stay up to date with the times and the latest memes and trends on Tik Tok. But it is important that all businesses ensure nothing feels forced, fake, or out of touch. Tik Tok users will notice that immediately.