The Benefits of Social Media for Law Firms

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The Benefits of Social Media for Law Firms

There is no denying that social media has become one of the most utilized forms of communication in our world today. And while many people use the platform for social interactions—now more and more businesses are realizing it is one of their most valuable tools for reaching out to current and potential customers.

However, while the benefit of social media advertising may seem relatively common for brands in the retail or sales industries—how can social media be used for your law firm?

If you haven’t already implemented a social media marketing strategy for your law firm, go ahead and take a look at the ways in which a simple social media campaign can benefit your firm.

Building Your Brand

While many law firms used to advertise in newspapers, televisions and billboards in order to get their name and face out in front of the world—you need to start thinking about where most people spend their time today. With more and more people turning to social media for everything from news updates to entertainment, there is no better place to start advertising your services than the place that a majority of your potential clients are already spending their time.

Engaging With the Public

Social media is about more than slapping your name and a slogan on an ad and hoping that people give you a call. Social media is an opportunity to communicate with your target audience. You can answer questions, have conversations, resolve issues and turn general members of your target audience into real prospective clients.

Getting New Clients

Finding new clients in the name of the game for any law firm—and well, for any business. According to one study from the American Bar Association—around 35% of law firms that utilize social media are able to get new clients as part of their effort.

Establishing Yourself as an Authority

If there is one thing that everyone wants in a lawyer—it is someone that knows what they are talking about and someone they can trust. If you want to establish a sense of trust between you and your potential clients, you need to establish yourself as an authority. Showcase your expertise through links to your blog posts, detailed social media posts, answering questions and showing off your success as a firm—it will only help people build a sense of trust.

If you have questions on starting a new social media campaign for your law firm—the experts here at Life In Motion are ready to help. We can help you develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy that will help you build your brand, establish your reputation and garner a sense of trust between your current and future clients.