Marketing Trends to Avoid

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Marketing Trends to Avoid

When it comes to employing a brand-new marketing strategy for your company, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the new marketing trends, approaches and philosophies that are out there. With all of the different marketing approaches, it can be easy to get swept up by some of the different “marketing trends” that are out there.

While there are positive trends out there, such as using micro-influencers to help market your brand, there are also negative trends that many companies are falling victim to. Many of these trends are easy to fall in a trap with as they are designed to make marketing “quick” and “easy.” However, a good marketing approach should never be classified as being quick and easy. Successful marketing takes work, sincerity and time if you really want it to work.

With this in mind, there are several marketing trends out there that you want to make sure you avoid at all costs.

Spamming Your Customers with E-Mails

Customer engagement is important when it comes to successful online marketing. However, there is a difference between staying connected with your customers through online engagement and emails and spamming your customers with emails. Don’t overdo it when it comes to emails. It is OK to send out blast emails for important matters when they happen but overdoing it can end up doing more harm than good. The Last thing you want is for your customers to be annoyed with you.

Sharing Unoriginal Content

Everyone knows in the world of online marketing, content is king. However, not all content is good content. Sharing unoriginal content such as copied blogs and social media posts is an easy way to ruin your online reputation. It can also impact your SEO performance if you aren’t careful. Make sure that you take your time to actually create your own unique content—it is more than worth the extra time and money in the end and the best way to show people why you are the best of the best in your industry

Pop Ups and Banner Ads

Pop ups and banner ads, specifically related to a specific website, may have been a thing when the internet was fresh and new, but they don’t have the same impact as they once did, and they aren’t going to do your brand reputation any favors. Don’t waste your money on pop ups and banner ads as they can come across as looking spammy.  Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are the way to go in today’s market.

Relying Solely on Stock Photos

Stock photos are everywhere right now, and while it may seem easy and convenient to just buy stock photos online every time you need some new pictures, they aren’t as wonderful as they seem. They can make your company look generic. Instead of relying on stock photos, put that money into a nice camera or hiring a photographer for real, professional photos that will give a face to your company.

If you have more questions about the biggest marketing trends to avoid, or more importantly, on the positive marketing tactics you can employ, give the experts here at Life In Motion a call today. We can help you develop a marketing strategy that will work for you and make sure that you don’t fall victim to those negative marketing trends that can get in the way of your success.