Marketing Trends That Will Die in 2019

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Marketing Trends That Will Die in 2019

The end of 2018 is just right around the corner, which means we are about to embark on a new year and all of the new trends that come with it.  For those focused on the marketing realm, the beginning of 2019 not only means a fresh start and a new year, with new trends that will find their way into the market, but it also means that in 2019 there are going to be lots of trends that are dying and slowly making their way out. In fact, here are a few marketing trends that we think are going to die in 2019—get ready to say R.I.P. to these once popular tactics.


e-Books—e-Books have had their day in the sun and been quite useful for many people in many different fields.  However, in today’s instant gratification world, consumers are not as interested in e-Books as they once were. Yes, it is important to build expertise and authority, but the average person no longer has the attention span needed to read all of this content—so instead of shelling out all of the time and money needed to create a professional e-Book, it is time to put your attention elsewhere.


Generic Blogs—Boring generic blogs are about to meet their end in 2019. You still need blogs and you still need articles that can generate clicks, but now more than ever readers are looking for you to prove your expertise. They want quality content they will actually sit around and read, not just clickbait.  So take the time to create fewer, but better blogs, and you will survive 2019.


Site Text-Only Optimization–SEO is still a major factor in online marketing, but if you are only optimizing text on your website—it can really kill your SEO rankings and cause you to become irrelevant in the marketplace. Instead of just optimizing your text, make sure that you optimize videos, audio, and images as well if you want to stay alive and relevant.


Facebook’s Organic Reach–If you have been following marketing trends over the past several months, then you know that Facebook’s organic reach has been declining recently. However, we are here to put the final nail in the coffin and let you know that Facebook’s organic reach is officially dead.


So, as 2018 starts to come to a close and 2019 is about to usher its way in, it may be time to say “farewell” to a few marketing trends that used to be quite popular.  As we see these trends dwindle in popularity, you can expect new and cutting-edge trends to emerge for the year—and you better believe we will be here to fill you in on what these new trends are.