Instagram Stories: How to Communicate Your Brand in 10 Seconds or Less

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Instagram Stories: How to Communicate Your Brand in 10 Seconds or Less

If you want to make sure your company’s name is really getting out there and that you are reaching as many potential customers as possible, then you need to be on social media. And while many companies today have already mastered Facebook and Instagram posts, one of the most effective places to start marketing your business may be with Instagram Stories.

Within the first two months of launching Instagram Stories, the platform already had more than 100 million active daily users—and it is only growing. The best part is, there are easy ways for your company to take advantage of the popularity of this platform, and it doesn’t take a whole lot of tech savvy.

Instagram stories are short, simple and easy to post—but they can communicate a great deal about your business if you know how to use them. Here are easy ways you can communicate a great deal about your brand in 10 seconds or less with Instagram Stories.

Take Your Followers on a Behind the Scenes Tour

Quickly give your followers some insight “behind the curtain” and let them see some of the day-to-day operations that go into making your office a success. This can be the back office at a gym or chiropractic office, a time lapse of your stand going up at a health screening, or a video of you getting ready for a company event.

Product and Service Demonstrations

Instagram stories are short, fun and temporary videos, and they provide you with a chance to get creative. Use this opportunity to showcase different products and services you offer in a unique way. This can be anything from how to style a blouse to exercises to help with neck pain or even the best way to enjoy a vitamin powder in your smoothie.

Promote Events

If you are looking to get a message across to your followers about a big event, seminar or conference you are attending (or hosting), then take advantage of the no-frills approach to promoting this event through Instagram stories. Don’t be too sales-focused, just be straightforward and friendly about where you will be and why your followers should know about the event.

Q&A Sessions

There are a number of ways that you can host Q&A sessions on your Instagram story. You can ask your CEO or one of your doctors questions about the company or get their expertise on certain products. You can also post answers to some of the most frequently asked questions you get in your office through quick, informative and friendly videos or stories.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what Instagram stories are and how they can work for you, there is no better time than the present to start introducing them into your current marketing strategy. If you need help on the best ways to introduce Instagram stories to your marketing plan, or have other questions about the best ways to market your business online, contact the experts here at Life In Motion today.