How Social Media Trends Can Improve Your SEO Ranking

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How Social Media Trends Can Improve Your SEO Ranking

Social Media trends are constantly subject to change. Staying ahead of these trends and anticipating them before they arise can improve your SEO ranking. Due to constant changes in social media trends, platforms that would once get tons of engagement would lose their relevancy as soon as a new social media trend arrives. As a marketer, keeping updated on all the changing trends can be complicated. Below are some upcoming trends to help you prepare and capitalize on your SEO ranking.

Video Reels
Short video reels are a rising trend, and it is helping marketers drive plenty of traffic to their website. While adding video content won’t help you increase your SEO ranking, having a presence on video platforms will give you more opportunities to engage your target audience. Please beware that you will have to make omnichannel content to leverage these platforms properly.

Nonetheless, research found that many marketers are looking to utilize videos since it is a thriving trend. One of the reasons why short-form videos can be pivotal in increasing website traffic is because they cater to the short attention span of a younger audience. Not only that, because they are short, they are engaging as well. They can be repurposed on many channels depending on your content. You can caption these videos with popular keywords and help your SEO rankings.

Sophisticated marketing
Marketers and companies need to make their campaigns and marketing strategies more sophisticated. Countless businesses are relying on paid ad campaigns to generate traffic. This shows that businesses that rely on SEO rankings and organic traffic will eventually have the edge over paid advertisements.

Companies that have placed more value on ranking their products or services on a search engine can experience a dramatic increase in their business. This increase will stem from paid advertisements losing their efficacy.

Since companies and businesses cannot instantly shift to search engine optimization, they will likely have to work with companies that can help them make the transition.

Platform Diversity
It has become tough to rely on just one social platform. To leverage social media today, you need to have a very diverse approach and attempt SEO strategies on all social media platforms. This will allow you to bring in website traffic from different platforms.

You have to keep in mind that engagement is at an all-time low, and to boost engagement in this day and age, you need help from a specialist. Contact Life In Motion for an SEO consultation and a session to thorough social media strategy session.