How Long Does It Take For SEO to Work on a New Website?

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How Long Does It Take For SEO to Work on a New Website?

No matter what industry your business may be in, when you need to market your business, there is no better place to take your efforts than the world wide web. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses have the same idea, making it difficult to stay competitive while marketing on the web.

While there are a lot of complexities involved with ads and online marketing, one of the most important things you can do while promoting your business online is appear high in search rankings. Think about the last time you used Google to find a dentist or a mechanic. Chances are, you click on and ultimately choose one of the first few businesses that pop up in your Google results.

Sound familiar?

It is how most people today find new businesses to try. After all, the average consumer doesn’t have the time or the bandwidth to search for every single type of service provider in their area and comb through their website, reviews, and social media accounts. It’s easiest to just skim through the top three results based on your search.

Needless to say, those top three businesses are in a pretty good position to start getting more customers.

But how were they lucky enough to get in this position in the first place?

It wasn’t luck. It was a carefully crafted known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. This strategy involves strategically crafting keyword-rich content, blogs, articles, websites, and social media content that helps Google and other search engines get a better idea of who your company is and what they can offer.

Google uses its algorithm to gather all of this information and rank relevant content and websites so that people can find exactly what they are looking for and quickly.

When you use SEO correctly, you are showing Google that you are the right company to appear in these top results, so that customers can find you and find you fast. The process is complex and involves a careful strategy and lots of quality content. But the biggest question that people tend to have is:

How long will it take to work?

Well, that all depends. It can take anywhere from a month to start seeing changes to years for full results. It all depends on your business, your content, and your competition.

Here at Life In Motion, we always recommend waiting at least 90 days to start seeing results. While it can feel like a lot to wait for big results like this, a little bit of patience will pay off. At the end of the day, even with all the different online advertising techniques and approaches out there—there is very little that can compete with the longstanding power of search engine optimization.

We are here to help you and your website reach new heights with carefully-crafted SEO techniques that are designed to give you the results you need to keep your business thriving.