Are Your Business Operations Sabotaging Your Marketing Efforts?

business operations sabotaging marketing efforts

Are Your Business Operations Sabotaging Your Marketing Efforts?

The purpose of marketing is to bring in new business and drive revenue. What if your lack of new business isn’t that you need more new leads? What if your lack of new business is due to the low conversion of new leads?

Marketing campaigns can be very successful at driving new leads right to your front door. Still, if you are not ready to convert new leads efficiently, then you will be wasting money on your marketing efforts, and you are focusing on the wrong issue.

It’s essential to evaluate your intake process of new leads before launching a new marketing campaign. If you are a small business owner and an employee is in charge of answering your calls and converting new leads, I have two tips for you.

Review Your Intake Process.

Discuss your process for managing new leads with the person in charge of answering the phone. This is a crucial step that is too important for you to assume it’s working. The goal needs to be conversion of leads. Evaluate what is said when a new lead calls. Write specific scripts for each possible scenario so the person answering the phone knows what you want them to say. If a lead comes from the website or leaves a message, what is your follow up process with that lead? How many times do you follow up with a lead before it’s cold? How frequently do you follow up with a new lead? What do you do with a cold lead? Don’t ever leave it up to the lead to get back with you. If that lead needs to gather additional information, schedule a call back when YOU will call them back. Assume that they will need a specific amount of time and tell them you will call them back.

Tracking of ALL New Leads.

This is the biggest mistake I see small businesses make. They do not require anyone in their office to track every single new lead that comes into the office. Tracking where the lead comes from, which service they are interested in, and if they convert to a new client or if they don’t convert to a new client. It’s important to be able to identify what is working and what is not working. Pro Tip: most social media leads will say they heard about you from their friend. What they mean is their friend mentioned you on Facebook or Instagram, and they contacted you because of it. I always recommend asking a follow-up question to specify if their friend made this recommendation electronically. Tracking this information can be as easy as using an excel spreadsheet. This information is like Google Analytics, and it will significantly improve your marketing efforts!

The success of your marketing is heavily dependent on the internal processes you set in place to convert leads to clients and tracking the leads that come in. Life in Motion has consulting services that can help evaluate and optimize your current process. We also have an automation workflow with our CRM system that will create automated follow up for leads that come in from your website, social media and PPC campaigns. These automation workflows can allow for online scheduling and reminders. We were able to increase one of our client’s conversion rate by 30% just by implementing this automation in our CRM software. Give us a call to schedule a consultation for an evaluation of your processes or a free demo of our CRM software.