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There is no denying the impact that Snapchat has recently made on the social media scene. While a few short years ago, Snapchat wasn’t a word in most people’s vocabularies, today it is one of the most prevalent forms of social media used today. What is most impressive about the photo-sharing platform, is that they have just rolled out a major update that is changing the way the company uses advertisements, and for marketers, it is bringing a whole new slew of opportunities with it.

Now that the new update is in full motion, short, six-second ads are now appearing on Snapchat, and they cannot be skipped. The company just began testing out this format this month with their new commercials, or video ads. They are currently only running on Snapchat Shows, not across the entire ads. For users, this means that you won’t see these commercials when viewing a friend’s Snapchat video, but you will see them on your favorite Snapchat shows. Think of the ads, like commercial breaks when watching TV.

These ads not only bring about change for Snapchat users, but for the companies who want to give Snapchat marketing a try. Big name companies like Deadpool 2 and Samsung have already given the new Snapchat advertisement format a try, and other companies can follow suit. These ads are short, succinct and to the point and since viewers can’t skip them, you know that your ads are going to be in the eyes, and ears of countless Snapchat users. What is perhaps most unique about the format is that since the ads are so short, especially when compared to YouTube’s comparable ad format, there isn’t as much of a chance that viewers walk away from their device while the ad is playing, as it is only a few seconds long.

This could be an exciting opportunity for companies who may not have considered Snapchat as a viable marketing platform in the past to take advantage of what this app has to offer.

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