3 Things You Can Do to Get Your Website Ranking in 2018

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3 Things You Can Do to Get Your Website Ranking in 2018

What are your resolutions for 2018? If in the upcoming year you want to boost your business with online marketing and help get more people to your site and as customers for your company, we can help. The key to a successful website is always first and foremost, website rankings. If people can’t easily find your website, they aren’t going to become customers. This is the key to converting people into customers. So, how can you start doing this in the New Year? Here are some tips on how you can get started now.

Update Your Site Frequently

The more you can update your site, the better. You need to be updating frequently and adding new and original content, images, videos, blog posts and events. Everything on your website not only needs to be relevant to your business and what is going on with your company, but it needs to be working as well. This means no “under construction” signs or broken links. If you want your homepage to be engaging, you need to update it, so get editing now.

Metadata and Keywords

Metadata can be a really confusing topic, but it is a topic that every website owner should know about. ON a web page, Metadata is the keyword or phrases that describe the content of the pages. It is filled with important keywords and helps the search engine find your page. There is also a very specific type of writing that needs to be used with metadata.

If you set up your website properly, you will be able to determine which content on each of your website’s pages is relevant to what people are searching. If this isn’t set up, then the search engine (such as Google) will assign this information randomly from content on your page. You want to take the time to set this up.

Create More Relevant and Helpful Content

In the world of online marketing, content is King. If you want website traffic to gain legitimacy online, then you have to give your current and potential customers valuable and helpful information. Jump into topics or trends that are relevant to your business and make sure to provide your customers with content that addresses what people are asking you about.

Sound like a lot of work? Or maybe you’re still not sure what the best strategy for your site is? Don’t worry, we can help! Give us a call at 817-952-5682 to set up a consultation