Your Email Automation Savior: Infusionsoft

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Your Email Automation Savior: Infusionsoft

If you are looking for a way to simplify your email automation efforts—we have just the solution you are looking for. Email automation is a big part of online marketing, but it can also be quite time-consuming. This is where Infusionsoft comes in. This innovative program acts as your very own marketing assistant and can help with everything from automating workflow to helping with your sales pipeline, offering you analytics and insights and even accepting payments.

This program lets you put all of your customer information in one place so it is simpler for you to see the latest status on a task. It also lets you look at sales opportunities and email results in one convenient platform. The goal of the platform is simple—it helps you communicate better with your customers. Here are a few more benefits of Infusionsoft that you should know.

  • Setup is Simple– Infusionsoft acts like multiple programs all in one convenient package and it is extremely simple to use. Setup is simple and takes just a matter of minutes.
  • It Delivers an Automated Sales Funnel– These sales funnels will help your customers through every stage of the sales process. This can help your current leads (even the cold ones) and let you know which leads are the hottest.
  • Email Marketing Keeps Your Brand in Front of Your Customers– If you are looking to create email marketing campaigns, we can handle it all from content design to development so you can keep your brand in front of your customers.
  • Your Online Reputation Can Stay in Check– Infusionsoft understands the importance of reputation management and knows that one bad review can make or break your company. This software program can help you cultivate good reviews and keep them coming.
  • It Helps You With Lead Follow Up– Lead follow up is super important. If you want to follow up with a past client or even a potential lead that filled out a form online—this program is here to help you generate more business.
  • Shopping Carts Won’t Be Abandoned As Often– Infusionsoft uses graphics, recommended products and search features which can help push sales and prevent your customer from abandoning your cart.

At Life In Motion, we know that you are busy. This is why we can help get you outfitted with Infusionsoft Services. We are here to help you with your online marketing plan by making sure that you have the personal marketing assistant you deserve to help your company thrive.