fort worth social media marketing

Monthly Packages

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fort worth social media marketing

Monthly Packages

best marketing agencies in dallas

Description of Features

Helpdesk support

If you need help desk support, you can use the hours included with your monthly package. Additional hours can be purchased at $100 an hour, billed at a minimum of 1 hour per request.

WordPress core updates

These updates are mostly needed due to security breaches that have been reported to WordPress. They also update core features from time to time. These updates are so important to the health of your website because when these updates are announced, hackers are trolling the internet using robots to find websites that haven’t updated so they can use your server for their illegal content.

Plugin updates

These are the most common reason why a website isn’t loading, loading slowly or displaying funny.

Theme updates

Similar to WordPress updates and plugin updates, theme updates effect how your website is displaying, loading and/or can cause your website to crash.

Website backups

Frequently saving website back-ups allows you to have a recent copy of your website in case of a breach or server crash. Backups are kept at a separate location than your website. This allows a backup to be restored within a matter of minutes rather than potentially losing your entire website from a breach or server crash.

Malware scanning

This is used in order to identify if there are any malicious files on your website that is allowing information to be stored on your website or to transfer information from your website, without your knowledge. This is important because if Google detects malware on your website, they will enforce a 30-day ban from their search results until you can prove that your site hasn’t had any malware warnings during that ban period.

SSL certificate

These certificates are required by all websites on Google. If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, when a website visitor is sent to your website from Google, they will receive a warning that your website isn’t safe, and it will require an override from their computer to proceed. This is very scary for first time visitors.

WordPress performance maintenance

This is something that requires maintenance on a regular basis as mobile technology and WordPress updates are made.

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