SEO or PPC, which is better?


SEO or PPC, which is better?

Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click advertising are both effective methods for generating consumer buzz, but they encompass different approaches. Both strategy’s yield similar outcomes, and there are pros and cons to each depending on what the organization aims to accomplish. 

SEO Pros and Cons

Search Engine Optimization, or commonly referred to as SEO, allows businesses to organically attract consumers to their website while increasing their total online presence. 

SEO is more challenging to establish but provides a highly effective and sustainable outcome over time. Once established, this also builds credibility and trust for your website and company, thus improving the organization’s consumer image.

The most significant difference between the two forms of advertising is that SEO is entirely free, and Pay Per Click is not. At Life In Motion, we prefer to utilize SEO. From our years of experience, we have detected a pattern that proves SEO tends to be a better long-term solution to assist clients in their marketing efforts. 

PPC Pros and Cons

Pay Per Click advertising, or PPC, allows for a business’s website to rank in the above-the-fold section of a google search. This will increase visibility and attract user interest to a business’s website. 

PPC advertising is an effective means for quickly increasing consumer traffic to a website. It allows for a business to pay for premium positioning in the ads section of google searches. 

Keywords, time of day, and location all impact how a user will stumble across your business’s website.

The most attractive features of PPC advertising is the instant increase in user attention it generates for websites. It also allows businesses to stick to a fixed budget, which is highly beneficial for tracking growth.

Which is Better?

When it comes to answering the question of “which form of advertising is better,” there is no definitive answer. SEO v. PPC is evaluated on a case by case basis depending on the business’s current needs. The needs of a business will evolve with the growth of the company and at those different stages, it is important to target which tactic is most effective to continue the growth of the business.

Life In Motion helps business owners identify which type of advertising will be more beneficial for their company at their current growth stage

It is crucial that business take the steps to create a growth strategy that highlights which tactic will work best for them, CEO or PPC.