November 2022 Marketing Monthly Reminders

November 2022 Marketing Monthly Reminders

November 2022 Marketing Monthly Reminders

Now that November has come, it is a good time to prepare your goals and plans for the month ahead with all of the business opportunities that lay before you. Some companies forget that November is an ideal time to drum up good business plan and make their customer base interested in their product in the days ahead of the holiday season. Not having a solid marketing plan would be a huge mistake because doing things right in November can end your business year on a high.
With that in mind, we created a list of reminders to keep in mind in the days ahead as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the new year rapidly approach.
It is important to keep in mind that spending and donations increase significantly during the holiday season, as people open up their wallets in order to help others and lend a caring hand. This is a great possibility for business and a huge opportunity for small businesses too.

Upcoming Deals

In order to start things off right, you should tease customers with upcoming offers that will be presented to them in the month of November. Remember, people are much more open to the idea of shopping and buying during this month, so they will be receptive to this.

Veterans Day is on November 11th. A smart business would be one that offers a discount or special deals to the brave men and women who have served.

Thanksgiving falls on November 24th this year. It is important that you provide office hours for that special day and send emails to your customers, letting them know that you are thankful for them and their continued support.


Black Friday

Of course, Black Friday comes right after Thanksgiving. This year’s Black Friday will be filled with people who are ready to shop so you should be ready to provide deals and sales for them. Make sure your promotions are prepared and primed for the best success on November 25th.

Small Business Saturday (November 26th) has become more and more popular over the years, first started as a response to the hubbub around Black Friday. This is a great chance for you to get closer to your customers, make strong connections, and invite them to support small businesses.


Cyber Monday

Of course, you would be missing out if you don’t focus on Cyber Monday, which is on November 28th this year. Cyber Monday has grown in popularity a lot over the last few years and any business with a focus on e-commerce stands the chance of finding great success this year.

Cyber Monday is the last major day of the month but it allows businesses to end November on a high note. There are in fact plenty of opportunities for businesses in November. That is why all companies, no matter their size, should make plans to attract customers, offer them discounts, deals, and sales, and put a strong focus on all they have to offer as November comes, goes, and December and the holiday season brings so many more opportunities for businesses and customers alike.