Are Your Social Media Posts Driving Leads Away?

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Are Your Social Media Posts Driving Leads Away?

Is your social media strategy to share posts from other websites? I get it, the content is good, and you feel it will be of value to your followers. It will also save you time not having to write it, correct?

Wrong! The reason this is a terrible strategy is because that link you are sharing with your followers and potential clients is driving them away from you! Let’s explain the details of what I mean by you are driving potential clients away from you. 

When you post a link from a third-party source on your social media, the potential client sees your business name and the article. They think “I’d like to read more” and click on the link. That potential client leaves your account and goes to the website where the article is posted. They have just left your presence and out of site is out of mind. 

The purpose of social media is to drive people TO you. The content you share on social media should always have a link to your website. While they are on your website, they can read about all the other wonderful services you offer. They can see who you are. They begin to develop a relationship with you and hopefully decide to contact you.  

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