Marketing Products



  • Fully custom design


  • Responsive to all devices including mobile, tablets and desktop.


  • Includes up to 12 pages


  • One web contact form (additional forms available for an additional fee)


$500 per month

  • Create Facebook Ad content (image and wording) that will be engaging for the audience you are trying to target. 


  • Target a specific audience to generate pre-qualified leads for a service you offer. Potential patients seeing the ad will fill out their contact information if they would like more information.


  • Will send you pre-qualified leads we recieve daily. 


  • Update this Facebook Ad Every month depending on service you are wanting to target and what is trending.


$750 per month


  • We research the top keyword searches on Google for your targeted geographic location and services.


  • We develop a strategy of the best keywords based on this research and use them to optimize your website.


  • We create a custom spreadsheet for your website with title tags, meta tags and meta descriptions for each page on your website.


  • We use a proprietary software that allows us to optimize each picture on your website with meta data that includes the keywords, your contact information, website, address, phone number. This is an extra layer of keyword optimization that we have found to dramatically increase your overall search engine optimization value.


  • We register and index each page on your website with Google, Bing and Yahoo.


  • We add your business to Apple, Bing, Waze and Google maps.



  • Digital marketing strategy, calendar & scheduling.


  • We will develop a custom monthly marketing strategy and calendar each month for up to 3 social media profiles. We recommend Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. (additional profiles will cost $25 per profile per month. LinkedIn is $50 a month extra)


  • We will create custom royalty free images for blogs and social media posts from the approved topics and posts.


  • Life in Motion will post and optimize each of the blogs to your website and share it to each of your social media profiles.


  • We will register all of the new website content with Google, Yahoo, and Bing so these search engines will be able to recommend your website when parents are searching for schools for their children.


  • Actively look for opportunities to increase your social media followers.


  • We will create and manage Facebook ads for the social media posts using your approved budget to engage current followers and create targeted marketing ads to engage new potential followers and generate leads for your schools. (The ads budget is not included in this bid. We can recommend a budget.)


  • Email marketing- We continue to cultivate relationships with your leads and current parents through engaging them in monthly email newsletter that will drive them back to your website and encouraging referrals.


  • Online reputation- Weekly email marketing targeting positive reviews from satisfied clients/patients increase online reputation and generating leads from Google.


  • Reports- The first week of each month, we will provide you a detailed monthly traffic report including website, social media and email marketing analytics.